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Saturday, May 5, 2012

What cholesterol is for: Dr. Robert Rowen interviewed by Dr. Mercola

I came to this article via the newsletter of Dr. Joseph Mercola's this morning. It's perhaps the best single article on cholesterol I've ever read in terms of clarity, simplicity, scope and usefulness.

If you want to read one compact article that explains what cholesterol is for, why it's futile and often tragically damaging to attempt to reduce it -- in your body or your food -- and why statin drugs and common vegetable oil are dangerous to health, read this. If you want to send a friend or loved one to one introductory article on the topic, send them to "Dr. Robert Rowen Talks About Cholesterol and Statins: Even if You Eat Organic Food, This Cooking Mistake Can Ruin Your Health" by Dr. Mercola.

Here are the opening lines by Dr. Mercola:
The idea that high cholesterol causes heart disease is based on the premise that cholesterol is found in the plaque of people with coronary artery disease.
But does that automatically mean that cholesterol itself is the root cause, and must be kept at a minimum to prevent plaque formation?
The answer is “no.”
Missing from this hypothesis is the holistic understanding of how cholesterol operates inside your body, and why arterial plaques form in the first place.
Cholesterol is actually a critical part of your body’s foundational building materials and is absolutely essential for optimal health. 
The article summarizes points made in an accompanying 48-minute video interview with Dr. Robert Rowen, who practices medicine in Santa Rosa, Calif. I haven't watched the video yet, but I am eager to do so.

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